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Trimmer You is Multi Award Winning Residential Boot Camp operating in UK and Spain

A Luxury Award Winning Boot Camp

A Typical Day

At Trimmer You we make sure that each day is different. This keeps things interesting and entertaining and more important it keeps you keen and motivated. All our boot camps are designed for all ability level too which means you will be able to exercise within your limits and our staff will be there to motivate and encourage you so you all get the best possible results from your stay.

We often get asked for a weekly schedule and time table but ask yourself ‘is it better to know what’s in the program or not?’ The answer is not and for this simple reason! If you knew what activities are coming and you think it is something you can’t do or wouldn’t enjoy, then you are more likely to sit it out! It is amazing how many ladies we see every year who enjoy all the activities they thought they wouldn’t.

That being said though, it is always nice to see and hear what someone else has done on one of our boot camps. Please find below a full days schedule and activities in the eyes and words of one our our previous clients.


“Nicola’s Diary – Summer 2013”

0655 am

Morning Session – After sleeping straight through the night for the first time in years, we all had to be on parade on time at 06:55.  We start the day with a slice of orange before we exercise. Everyones muscles are all aching and it’s been ages since I was awake at this time of the morning. God only knows what they’ve got in store for us today.

7 am – 8 am

The morning starts with a gradual warm up on the grass. Staff explains the session to us and we’re paired up for this circuit based on our ability levels. We’re shown some weird and wonderful mobility techniques that we all find quite amusing, but then the session begins. It’s apparent that despite all our aches and pains, everyone is giving 100%.

8 am – 9 am

I actually feel wide awake right now. I can smell breakfast being prepared inside, which is making me feel really hungry. It’s scrambled egg with salmon. I noticed that I wasn’t the only one that wolfed my food down. I’m actually shocked at how much you begin to appreciate the flavour of the food here. Despite the portion size, I feel ready to get the next session done.

9 am – 1030 am

The day has really begun now, the next session is Bodyblitz, in which we got to revisit the weighted bars. This session is more of a static circuit which means that there isn’t much running around; or so I thought. The staff had added a little twist on this session, by introducing a partner based workout. We worked for as long as our partner took to run around the car park and then changed over; on the return leg we changed exercises. This went on for 45 minutes but as we knew the end was in sight we all pushed on through .

1030 am – 11 am

We’re only half way through the morning at this point and it seems like we’ve been up for much longer. Our snack this morning is a delicious smoothie. Quite a little treat as it turns out, as it was delicious, but there wasn’t much time to savour the flavour as we were in charge of getting prepared for the next session. The weather was on our side today, so training outdoors made sure we could catch a few rays. Result!!

1100 am – 1230 pm

Since we had done quite a lot of running this morning, the staff had a boxing circuit in store for us. Our legs we’re really aching and tired now, but the next session meant that I could rest them for the time being. It’s amazing how much of a buzz you get from venting your aggression during these sessions. The staff instructors have a knack of keeping the sessions interesting, whilst at the same time invigorating and more importantly ‘FUN’.

1230 pm – 1330 pm

Lunch was Butternut Squash soup with minted lamb burgers. Once again, we all hovered around the kitchen waiting for what seemed like a buffet to arrive. You couldn’t hear a sound around the table as we devoured our well-earned cuisine. I must admit the portion size was an  issue at the start of the week, but I found that you begin to realise that you only need to eat little; but often. The way I’m feeling today I might book in for a massage tonight. Some of the other ladies have gone for a quick snooze. I find that it’s harder to get restarted again if you do that it’s a nice time to chill out for a while in the lounge until it all starts again. Feeling sleepy again…better get up before the rot starts.

1330 pm – 1500 pm

This is the part of the day where you have too much time to ask yourself why you’re doing it, but the staff are really good at gauging the mood within the group and come up with some ‘contrasting activities’. Once again, as the afternoon goes on you lose track of what time of day it is, as you’re on the move all the time. The staff have devised a game of Netball for us and since I haven’t played since I was at school I’m quite nervous as to how I’ll perform. None of that matters it seems, as everyone has found a sudden surge of energy from somewhere and are running around like they’re on the playground all over again. Its at this point that you reach inside and keeping working hard and stay positive. The girls all gell together, which makes the week really enjoyable and rewarding.

1500 pm – 1530 pm

I really enjoy the sessions straight after lunch as you find the energy from somewhere to work harder than ever. Despite all that, it’s peanut butter on celery for snack. I’m not really much of a fan of peanut butter but I’m surprised at the fact that if you’re really peckish; a small treat is enough to take the hunger pangs away (even if it is peanut butter). The lady who has nut allergies get houmous and I’m jealous

1530 pm – 1700 pm

This session involved us each choosing an exercise to demonstrate and explain the coaching points to the whole team. This not only ensured that we all took part at instructing, but it also ensured that we all knew how to perform all of the exercises safely and effectively which shows that we are all learning how to exercise correctly now. I was secretly glad that it was a low-level session, as my legs were really tired at this stage. It’s a mental challenge that they have devised to get us thinking outside of the box. Most of us don’t really get a chance to stand up in front of a group of people to speak, let alone demonstrate and coach new exercises as if we were personal trainers. I thought it was quite an enlightening experience for the group as most of the advice you read in magazines don’t give you enough detail or corrections. The instructors give us variations if we can’t do some of the exercises…so there are always alternatives.

1700 pm – 1830 pm

My massage is booked at half past six and I feel completely drained. Tonight’s dinner is cajun fish and all the girls are still in high spirits and are looking forward to the evening meal and massages. You can sense the relief on everyone’s faces that the day is nearly over. We sit around in the evenings after the meal discussing highs and lows of the day and generally being rowdy. Some of the girls are going to be doing the evening session to help tone up their bums and tums.

1830 pm – 1930 pm

I’ve opted for the relaxation route tonight, although my muscles (especially my legs) are feeling the effects of all the activity from today. The masseuse has assured me that I’ll be right as rain after the treatment. It’s a strange sensation having someone causing you more pain than you can take all in order to make you feel better. Despite the ensuing torture, I actually feel much more supple than I did beforehand. Money well spent, I think. As I finish up, I hear the girls taking part in the class with the instructors. Once again, the rest of the girls find the strength to dig deep to finish the day on a high.

1930 pm- 2100 pm

I Phoned home and spoke to the kids. They’re all really missing me and it’s at this time of the day you really do doubt yourself seeing the week out. You need the support of friends and family, but its difficult getting on with the week without having a few emotional outburst. I’m sure I’m not the only one here that feels the odd time where you want to throw the towel in but you can start to see your body changing by this point which makes it all worth while. I’ve just had a lovely hot shower and climbed into my enormous bed and wrapped my arms around the pillow for another nights slumber. I am secretly starting to enjoy boot camp now and can’t wait to start tomorrow.


This is just 1 day on our boot camp but you could find yourself doing any of the following:

  • Boxing/Boxercise
  • Circuit training
  • X Fit
  • Body Combat
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Body Pump
  • Legs, Bums and Tums
  • Military activities
  • Team games
  • Core training
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Aqua aerobics (Spain only)
  • Plus many many more


After a full days training we will have staff ready to offer massages and other relaxation treatments. These can be booked in when you arrive but please note this is at an extra cost. This is also the only added extra you would have to pay. Everything else is included.