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Trimmer You is Multi Award Winning Residential Boot Camp operating in UK and Spain

A Luxury Award Winning Boot Camp


Below are extracts of boot camp reviews and boot camp testimonials that we have received from ladies that have attended our boot camp. Please browse all of our bootcamp reviews to see how we can also help you in your quest to become healthier and fitter.


In an attempt to lose weight and improve my fitness I booked a place at Trimmer You boot camp a few months prior to going. I used the booking itself to motivate me toward my goal as I knew that the thought of getting there and being the weight I was would be torture.I did lose some pounds before I went but it was torture anyway! In a weird, enjoyable way though- where pushing yourself to your limits becomes extremely satisfying. I had lots of support from the other girls and the trainers were amazing. They were able to drive me to do my best without pushing me so hard that I wanted to just give up.It was an inspiring week. I thought that it would be physically draining. And it was. But the biggest test was the mental one; knowing that when you finish one exercise session there will be another straight after. The greatest accomplishment? Just to keep going. I was the biggest girl at my camp but I managed to lose 17 pounds. That was fantastic but the most valuable thing I took away from the week was the realisation that I could keep going. That when I think I’m too tired to go the gym or to take a walk I say to myself ‘ You did it at boot camp, so you can do it now’ and that positive attitude is the thing that has ultimately made the difference to how I look and feel .


‘The best week of my life, the hardest and without a doubt the most rewarding week!!!’
I had been training at the gym and was still not getting anywhere with my weight loss and some days didn’t even want to be there and put the effort in. I found myself going round and round in circles and just disappointing myself and getting into a situation where I just felt like giving up the fitness!
One day I thought I need a kick up the backside ‘I’m going to Boot Camp’!
Then I stumbled across Trimmer You Boot Camp, the prices were way cheaper than any other companies and the accommodation looked lovely in the photos, I thought this is the one for me!
As I arrived at the accommodation on my own, it looked absolutely stunning. I felt very nervous going there and lacking in self confidence, but as soon as I was greeted by Ryan and the staff they really made me feel at ease!Then I got to meet all the girls, which we were all nervous and excited about our week ahead. We all got on really well! The accommodation is 5 star as stated on the web site, very modern and relaxed in lovely grounds.
Then the next morning at 6am the hard work started!!! The week was full of fun packed hard exercise but loved every minute of it, there were things I had never really tried before rugby, football, netball, mountain biking, boxing! I gave every activity my best shot as I was there to see results! We all worked together as a team and all the girls bonded really well, I made some great friends and still in touch with them now! The Staff were great and could instantly recognise our abilities and how far they could push us, but also joined in with us and had a laugh!
I’ve never laughed so much in one week, we would even be laughing when our muscles were aching through excising so hard we all just got each other through it!We had a chef preparing our meals for us and the food was delicious! We all wanted the recipes, and we couldn’t wait for each meal time as we knew it was going to be something nice! When you first look at the portion sizes you think ‘that’s never going to satisfy me’ but we were all wrong! The portions were plentiful and satisfying, we all felt like we had a good meal and we were never hungry for more!
I can say that was the best week ever and so rewarding!On our last day our ‘weighing’ day, I wasn’t even thinking about how much I’ve lost in pounds as I could really see and feel the results and I felt good! That was good enough for me! But as I stepped on the scales I lost 6LBs and overall 3.5 inches of fat!!! As you could imagine I was well pleased with myself!
After saying my goodbye’s to everyone, I walked out of the door feeling amazing! The Feel Good Juice was definitely flowing! My self confidence was back, I felt I gained self achievement and I was definitely taller walking out of the door than when I walked in at the beginning of the week!!!!

I feel Alive again!!!
I am booking myself back in to Trimmer You Boot Camp!!!!

I would definitely recommend it!!!


I had a really great time during my stay at Trimmer You Boot Camp. As a 60 year old osteoarthritis sufferer I wasn’t sure whether I would be physically up to the challenge of a week of hard training and exercise.
It was a little intimidating at first. There we were a group of eighteen women staying in the coach house in the grounds of a mansion in the middle of nowhere. All with individual goals and each of us looking to get something different from our weeks stay, I wasn’t sure at first how I would settle in with such a wide range and disparate group of people. I needn’t have worried though. There was no doubt that each of us was individually there to do some real hard physical training but as far as individuality was concerned that is as far as it went. From the moment I arrived we were treated as a team, each of us working together for the benefit of each other. We may have all had our reasons for spending a week in the Welsh countryside but as far as our trainers were concerned we were all going to work together to achieve one goal; to make ourselves better. We achieved that in boundless quantities. I myself managed to lose 4inches off my waist, an inch off my bust, three inches off my thigh and 2 inches off my arm, but everyone achieved a great result. From 6am starts we embarked on many fun adventures from regular physical exercise to abseiling, hiking to rock climbing, circuits plus many team games. We would then finish every evening with a group meal and a walk. The training and discipline given was first class. We were guided throughout the week by two very professional, capable and brutally honest instructors. Excited, eager and full of the day ahead’s adventures they took each of us as an individual and turned us into a team. Conscious of each person’s flaws and disciplines they were able to bring the very best out of each of us. Our accommodation was very nice. Boarded in an old coach house which was equipped with all the basic necessities we also had an onsite chef who cooked up some first class but very healthy meals that gave it a real homely feel to the whole week.
So how would I sum up the week? Quite simply it is excellent value for money! The week was fun, tiring, extreme, team building, confidence building and above all a great laugh. I got to meet some new friends and really improve my own personal feeling. I now feel fitter, healthier and more focused in my personal training than I have for a long time. My osteoarthritis has subsided and I am able to push myself harder and further than I would have expected at 60 years of age. No matter what your health or level of physical fitness, no matter what your mindset or personal fears are this course will benefit you in so many different ways as it certainly did so for me.


I have been attending weekly residential boot camps for the past two and half years and in that time have completed six weeks of camp at four different residential camps. There are huge benefits that come from the week – fitness, toning, energy and motivation (as well as nutrition) and lots of laughs! However, with my week at Trimmer You I did in fact also lose almost 6lbs which is amazing as I would never have expected that, especially in comparison to my usual 2-3lbs losses at previous camps. We couldn’t have asked for better with our two trainers for the week (or “Staff”), Staff Clarke and Staff West and they kept us motivated and interested with a very varied programme of exercises and different circuits so that we didn’t get bored and had lots of fun with some team games too! The results for everyone at the end of the week really reflected this and everyone was very happy and grateful that they always kept us going to achieve our best!
We had a great bunch of girls and the accommodation was really fantastic, again we couldn’t have asked for better, more luxurious or comfortable. Chef was lovely and made sure we were all very well looked after – we never felt hungry and the food was great, I have tried out some of the recipes at home already! The nutritional session was also excellent, and definitely the best one I have had. Talks with both the trainers and nutritionist help you to keep going after the week finishes and put into practice what you have learnt long term.
Be prepared to work hard, it is early starts and lots of work but you will really see and feel the benefits, not just at the end of the week but also after the first few days you start to notice a real difference in yourself! You will be sad to leave when it’s all over but excited to go show off the results too! A big part of it is team work and keeping each other going to achieve your goals through the week, and we definitely all couldn’t have done it without two such great physical trainers, keeping all us girls constantly on the move and happy! So BIG THANK YOU to Staff C and W – I know all the girls agree they were the best and we all ended the week on a massive high! 🙂


Having booked myself onto the boot camp I had no idea what to expect. I already felt I was fit but could be fitter but I needed to shift the weight I’d been trying to shift for years! I’m one of these people that yo-yo’s. But I must say completing this boot camp has been the best thing and it’s been worth every penny. It’s hard work and the early 5.30am wake ups aren’t anything to look forward to but by the end of the week and for months after you certainly won’t regret it. Since completing this, I’ve lost another stone on top of what I lost and feel much more fitter (you really do feel the difference! I mean I thought I was fit already!!). You spend half a day with a nutritionist which really is useful as you learn things you thought you already knew and things you take away with you and keep for life. It really helps to kick start you into a healthier way of living. On top of that, the activities you do throughout the day are varied from intense to fun and games so you really don’t even feel like you’re burning calories sometimes!
For those that have tried everything to shift your weight and really feel like you’re about to give up, I’d highly recommend you give this a go because it really will give your metabolism that extra boost it needs! It did with me and I don’t regret it!

Penny – Weight Lost: 14lbs*

Throughout my 20s and early 30s I had always considered myself pretty fit and relatively healthy and never worried about my weight. However after having 2 children in my mid 30s and then hitting 40 this year I was feeling pretty fed up with my weight, fitness (lack of!) and lifestyle in general.
After researching my options I found the Trimmer You Boot Camp and it seemed the obvious choice, offering what appeared to be very good value for money. Being women only also appealed to me. When I called to enquire and discussed why I wanted to attend, the staff were very helpful, encouraging yet also very honest about what to expect – which re-assured me that this was the right course for me.
I can honestly say that I have never done anything so physically (and mentally!) challenging in my life and you will ache in places that you never thought possible however the sense of achievement far outweighs the pain….Each day was different, covering a wide range of activities that included boxing, circuits, running, assault courses, games, walking, aqua and Pilates to name but a few.
The food was delicious with full marks going to the chef. We could definitely have eaten more in the beginning although as the week passed we seemed to become less hungry. It was also useful to have a session from a nutritionist on diet and what / what not to eat.
Top marks go to the trainers (Alex and Spencer). They very quickly gauged our individual abilities, how hard they could push us and what we were each capable of. They were extremely tough (but fair) and they certainly achieved the results from us all – with some remarkable differences in our fitness test at the end of the week (versus day 1).For me, what also made it such an enjoyable experience and certainly helped me through the week were the other women on the course. We were so lucky to all bond very quickly and continued to motivate and help each other throughout the week, it would have been tough without them! We’re still all in touch and I’d like to think I’ve made some friends for life.
The week-long intensive boot camps aren’t for everyone but it was just what I needed to kick start my fitness and a healthier lifestyle. It was tough being away from my family for a week but in terms of investing in time it was definitely the right choice for me and 6 weeks on, I am still the same weight that I was the day I left boot camp yet I am not eating like a Saint or exercising like crazy. I have simply adopted a more healthy diet (I still have my treats) and exercise regularly (mixing running with boxercise and strength work as recommended in the programmes that were given to us by Ryan from Trimmer You when we completed the course).
I have recommended Trimmer You to several friends and wouldn’t hesitate in doing it all again. Thank you everyone at Trimmer You for a great week with great results……..

Alison M – Weight Lost: 6.4lbs*

Call me mad, but having had a great time in the Brecon Beacons in June, seven months later I returned to Trimmer You Boot Camp to their new 5 star accommodation in Nottingham. Once again the food was tasty, varied and filling and the staff (who really are approachable and human), worked us well with varied exercises throughout the day. I achieved even better results this time, possibly due to the fact that I was exercising during the winter.The accommodation is truly 5 star. An impressive, modern house fitted out to a high specification, it is quite simply stunning. There are plenty of relaxation/sofa areas so whether you want to sit as a group watching TV or fancy some peace and quite with a book or magazine the choice is yours. The grounds for the activities include the garden, courtyard, driveway and field and there is a good walking route on the doorstep. The house also has an indoor pool which is used for activities (both in and out of the pool) and can be used in your free time in the evening to wind down. The bedrooms are light, airy and spacious. I was fortunate enough to stay in the Jacuzzi room – what a great way to ease the aches and pains after so much exercise!

Natalie F – Weight Lost: 7lbs 10 inches*

I am 5’5 and am usually a comfortable 10/12. The reason I signed up to ‘trimmer you boot camp’ was because I started to feel bloated and overweight. I noticed I was starting to buy 12/14 clothes. So I decided I wanted a solid week away to exercise, learn how to eat better and to generally change my habits.
With working in an office it is always tempting to have biscuits with tea breaks and eat unhealthily at your desk but I decided I just needed a change and get back to feeling good about my body.
I did some research online and found out about options of a boot camp. I knew that it would be a lot of hard work but the results would be quick.After browsing around the different companies, ‘trimmer you boot camp’ was the one for me! Their prices are competitive compared to other places, especially if you book early, and their courses were flexible and really tailored to meet my needs. When I arrived at ‘trimmer you bootcamp’ I was surrounded by beautiful scenery and a lovely manor house and grounds- I instantly felt at ease and the whole please just had a positive feel about it.
The rooms are basic and contain everything that you need for the week- a hot shower and a comfy bed!!
Each day was completely varied- very hard but at the end of every day I felt a so proud of myself for completing the challenges we were set to the best of my ability. The staff understand that not everyone is at the same fitness levels and the activities are completely tailored to suits your needs and abilities. The staff really motivate, comfort and encourage everyone.At times throughout the week I felt emotionally weak- your mind and body are being pushed to the limit but there is so much support from the staff that you always feel that there is someone to talk to and that they understand and explain the emotions you are feeling.
At the end of the week my skin was glowing, I felt slimmer, fitter and more in shape than I ever have. I would totally recommend this experience to you and I just can’t put into words how it feels to have completed the week. I met some fantastic women and made many friends.
‘trimmer you bootcamp’ has change my life and I have kept the weight off 2 months later!

Mags Olmand*

Since returning from Boot Camp I have been unable to use excuses such as “I would never be capable of that” and as the boundaries of what I could and couldn’t do had been taken away I started to consider one of my ambitions which is to do a triathlon. I’ve started slowly by swimming in the sea and last week (after the purchase of a good wet suit) did my first duathlon which consisted of an 800 metre swim (in very very rough sea) followed by a 5K run which incorporated 2 rather mean hills. I completed the course in under an hour! sea swimming is now a regular activity and I absolutely love it. I already cycle so I intend to purchase a road bike and when I can’t swim in the sea anymore will switch my training to running and cycling with a view to doing a triathlon next spring.The other major change has been my eating habits. Frances’s cooking had a major impact on me and the diet we followed was one that I would never have considered previously. I made the decision to continue with it after I came home and 5 weeks down the road I have lost an amazing 11lb simply by cutting out wheat, dairy and sugar. Interestingly cutting down on fruit (which obviously contains its own sugar) has also had a big impact. I haven’t been able to cut the alcohol but then I only have that occasionally anyway.The change in diet has changed everything. I’m a completely different shape (no spare tyre), full of energy and have been told that as I approach 50 this is the best I have ever looked!! it’s also given me the courage to look at a few other areas of my life that needed changing.
So for any ladies who’re wondering what they’ve embarked on, please pass on from me that this can and will change your life if you want it to. Listen to the guys, do what they tell you, eat the wonderful food and carry on with the way of life when you go home and believe me the sky’s the limit.

Frances Barber – Weight Lost: 5lbs*

I went to Trimmer You Boot Camp not really fully aware of what I was letting myself in for.
I knew I wanted to lose the weight that I had gained . A combination of just letting go bit by bit, the drip effect, too much of this too much of that , another glass of wine , you know how it goes, ..and I also wanted to regain the fitness level I once had . That feeling of being glad to be alive in the morning, almost jumping out of bed with a vital enthusiasm.That exhilaration had evaporated from my life without me really realising it. I was tired, stressed and just generally fed up. I wanted to feel good again. I wanted to smile again in the mornings, and continue smiling throughout the day.
So….I looked at health farms (been there done it, regained the weight), spas ( done that), Thai spas (yep), yoga retreats (a bit ) …etc etc until I saw something I had never considered before…a “military” run Boot Camp.I had had an ex forces trainer years before when I had a foray into boxing training, and found him the most sympathetic and helpful of all the people I had ever sought to keep me on the straight & narrow in terms of my health and fitness.
So I looked at all the various options of boot camps available and opted for Trimmer You.
I can say hand on heart it was without doubt the hardest week of my life physically , but the most rewarding week I have probably ever experienced.
I had no idea I could actually train that hard, that regularly, run at 6 am, play games, run up hills, rock climb, abseil, body pump, circuit train, power walk, rounders, football and boxing.Laughing at myself, laughing with my companions, applauding our successes, empathising with our failures just feeling alive and eager and keen and smiling again. All in the most glorious surroundings of the Brecon Beacons, bursting with wildflowers, bluebell woods, rolling hills, kestrels, eagles, ……….
The instructors are exemplary. Staff Wheeler and Staff Lord, respectful, friendly, twinkly and always egging you on for that extra bit you have in reserve without ever making you feel anything but thrilled about all you have achieved however small, and dealing on an hourly basis with any emotional outburst that may erupt as a result of such a different regime. They are bliss.The food is without doubt succulent; we all asked for the recipes … I can not praise our chef Frances enough … and she told me she had worked at another boot camp where they were given a quarter of the portions we were fed …you need the amount we were given in order to do justice to the exercises. No one felt hungry ever in fact we were going to bed feeling completely satisfied, no moaning about hunger pangs ever from anyone. So…One week later I lost 5 Lbs, and 5 inches (2 from my waist ! ) and feel I have refound my urge for a fitter me. Some of the girls lost as much as 10 Lbs and 10 inches and were romping around the lounge full of glee. So I can say with utter conviction that I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel good to be alive again.

Life is hard, economically, psychologically, physically, but if you want a bit of a kick to restart your love of life …and its only once! I would definitely do this.
Give yourself a week of Trimmer You, because your worth it!

* Please Note: Results May Vary from Person to Person