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Trimmer You is Multi Award Winning Residential Boot Camp operating in UK and Spain

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Sue – Weight Lost: 8.5lbs and 10 inches


Stella – Weight Lost: 9.5lbs and 10.5 inches


Stella & Sue’s Trimmer You Bootcamp week Diary 21st – 28th May 2010


Day 1

It would be fair to say that during the week preceding Bootcamp both my sister Stella and I eagerly anticipated the trip away to the Brecon Beacons. However, as we drove closer to the venue that first Friday afternoon that enthusiasm changed to a feeling of trepidation at what we were actually letting ourselves in for.  Shortly after arriving at the ‘Coach House’ and meeting the rest of the group, our fears were allayed as we realised we all shared the same concerns and found ourselves laughing and bonding over the situation we were in. That first evening involved settling into our rooms, which were clean and functional, and then it was time for briefing, where the ground rules were set and an amnesty of contraband held (alcohol, coffee, chewing gum, sweets etc). Following dinner we were measured and weighed and the evening was rounded off with a hike which orientated us to our beautiful surroundings and lead us to our first sighting of ‘the hill’, which we grew very familiar with over the coming week.


Day 2

The day started with parade at 0555hrs where we were required to be suitably attired for hill walking with water to hand. The Coach House is located within beautiful hilly countryside and so we headed straight off for our walk to return one hour later for breakfast which was at 7am. Following breakfast we all re-paraded for a day of circuits, boxercise and rounders, which was broken up by lunch at noon and afternoon snack at 3pm. Dinner was at 6pm followed by hill walking locally. Believe it or not we were all ready for bed at 9.30pm following some 10 hours of exercise.


Day 3

Again we paraded at 0555hrs for our pre-breakfast hill walk. Porridge with raisins, nuts and honey was for breakfast at 7am and was subsequently followed by two hours of surprisingly enjoyable circuits. We had a break of walnuts and dates at 10am then spent the rest of the morning doing boxercise, which like most of the exercise was quite tough with each person working to their own level. Spaghetti Bolognese was for lunch at midday and we had quite a tough afternoon of circuits interspersed with a game of rounders and Swedish cricket, which helped to maintain the fun. Prior to dinner we had an hour’s hill walk locally with dinner consisting of fajitas with chick peas and mint & cucumber raita, which like all the meals was delicious. At 7pm we had an hour long much appreciated stretching session followed by an hour’s free time and an early night.


Day 4

We started the day with a fitness test at 6am consisting of a run, press ups and sit ups. Breakfast was at 7am and we had a morning’s hike which lasted until 10am. We were collected by a local company and driven to a quarry where we partook in rock climbing and abseiling. Again we all worked to our own abilities, climbing as high as we deemed suitable with some really brave attempts. If rock climbing is not for you, there is always the opportunity to help out taking the strain at the bottom of the cliff face to help your fellow bootcampers. This was a really enjoyable day out with bright sunshine and great scenery. Dinner was at 7pm and the day concluded with an evening walk and bed at 10pm.


Day 5

The day started as usual with parade at 0555hrs. We then spent the next hour walking/running up and down a steep hill – not easy but good for the old fitness levels. This morning was quite difficult as following on from this after breakfast we had a pretty tough assault course combined with circuits. The rest of the day was a combination of three separate nutritional talks interspersed with team games. Prior to the talks we felt we had a fair understanding of nutrition and GI indices but did in fact find the talks somewhat surprisingly informative. Following dinner the day concluded with an evening walk and greatly appreciated bed.


Day 6

This was the first morning we woke feeling really quite tired. The day started with relay runs in the front garden of the Georgian manor house (the one thing we have learned from this is just how much more you can push yourself when you put your mind to it). Breakfast was at 7am followed by a really pleasant morning’s hike. Lunch was at noon followed by a game of rounders, boxercise and some indoor exercises in the afternoon. Dinner was at 6pm followed by team games including crab football and volleyball. The day concluded with much appreciated stretches.


Day 7

The day started at 6am with relay runs around the front garden of the main house. Breakfast was at 7am followed by circuits at 7.30am. We had a break at 10am followed by a morning’s hike which took us through to lunchtime. After a slightly extended lunch we played team games, had a break at 3pm followed by body pump and more games. Delicious paella was for dinner at 6pm and the evening concluded with a glass of champagne and a training talk with a personal trainer. Another really  good day ended.


Day 8

We had a lie in as we were not required on parade until 6.15am! We had an easy morning with our final fitness assessment comprising of a run, press ups and sit ups as on day 4. There were notable improvements in our fitness levels across the board. Following the assessment we were weighed and measured, again with some quite notable losses. Stella managed a total loss of 9.5lbs & 10.5 inches overall. Sue managed a total loss of 8.5lbs & 10 inches. Quite an achievement in a week. Following the weigh in we all gathered for our final breakfast together and said our sad farewells to return to the real world.


A summary of the important bits (in our opinion) are as follows:


Food – Excellent, there was a good varied healthy menu, with some really appetising meals.  Mealtimes and the mid morning/afternoon snack breaks became something to really look forward to!  


Weight/inch loss – 8.5lbs and 10 inches for Sue.  9.5lbs and 10.5 inches for Stella (5 of which came off her waist!).


Staff/Instructors – Again excellent, they pushed you to your limits whilst supporting and coaching you throughout. They also kept it fun, were approachable and easy to talk to.


The other bootcampers – People came from all walks of life and each of us had varying levels of fitness and interests but due to the challenging situation we all pulled together and shared some real laughs (as well as some tears!).


Overall the week was hard mentally and physically but we have both left feeling motivated to carry on with a healthier lifestyle and determined to maintain fitness levels. The week was well organised and if you are after a real challenge, camaraderie, much laughter with a few tears thrown in, then we highly recommend this bootcamp for you. Thank you for a wonderful week and we look forward to going again with Trimmer You.

Sue & Stella, *