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Trimmer You is Multi Award Winning Residential Boot Camp operating in UK and Spain

A Luxury Award Winning Boot Camp

Throughout my 20s and early 30s I had always considered myself pretty fit and relatively healthy and never worried about my weight. However after having 2 children in my mid 30s and then hitting 40 this year I was feeling pretty fed up with my weight, fitness (lack of!) and lifestyle in general.


After researching my options I found the Trimmer You Boot Camp and it seemed the obvious choice, offering what appeared to be very good value for money. Being women only also appealed to me. When I called to enquire and discussed why I wanted to attend, the staff were very helpful, encouraging yet also very honest about what to expect – which re-assured me that this was the right course for me.


I can honestly say that I have never done anything so physically (and mentally!) challenging in my life and you will ache in places that you never thought possible however the sense of achievement far outweighs the pain….


Each day was different, covering a wide range of activities that included boxing, circuits, running, assault courses, games, walking, aqua and Pilates to name but a few.


The food was delicious with full marks going to the chef. We could definitely have eaten more in the beginning although as the week passed we seemed to become less hungry. It was also useful to have a session from a nutritionist on diet and what / what not to eat.


Top marks go to the trainers (Alex and Spencer). They very quickly gauged our individual abilities, how hard they could push us and what we were each capable of. They were extremely tough (but fair) and they certainly achieved the results from us all – with some remarkable differences in our fitness test at the end of the week (versus day 1).


For me, what also made it such an enjoyable experience and certainly helped me through the week were the other women on the course. We were so lucky to all bond very quickly and continued to motivate and help each other throughout the week, it would have been tough without them! We’re still all in touch and I’d like to think I’ve made some friends for life.


The week-long intensive boot camps aren’t for everyone but it was just what I needed to kick start my fitness and a healthier lifestyle. It was tough being away from my family for a week but in terms of investing in time it was definitely the right choice for me and 6 weeks on, I am still the same weight that I was the day I left boot camp yet I am not eating like a Saint or exercising like crazy. I have simply adopted a more healthy diet (I still have my treats) and exercise regularly (mixing running with boxercise and strength work as recommended in the programmes that were given to us by Ryan from Trimmer You when we completed the course).


I have recommended Trimmer You to several friends and wouldn’t hesitate in doing it all again. Thank you everyone at Trimmer You for a great week with great results……..

Penny Eyre, Weight Lost: 14lbs