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Since returning from Boot Camp I have been unable to use excuses such as “I would never be capable of that” and as the boundaries of what I could and couldn’t do had been taken away I started to consider one of my ambitions which is to do a triathlon. I’ve started slowly by swimming in the sea and last week (after the purchase of a good wet suit) did my first duathlon which consisted of an 800 metre swim (in very very rough sea) followed by a 5K run which incorporated 2 rather mean hills. I completed the course in under an hour! sea swimming is now a regular activity and I absolutely love it. I already cycle so I intend to purchase a road bike and when I can’t swim in the sea anymore will switch my training to running and cycling with a view to doing a triathlon next spring.


The other major change has been my eating habits. Frances’s cooking had a major impact on me and the diet we followed was one that I would never have considered previously. I made the decision to continue with it after I came home and 5 weeks down the road I have lost an amazing 11lb simply by cutting out wheat, dairy and sugar. Interestingly cutting down on fruit (which obviously contains its own sugar) has also had a big impact. I haven’t been able to cut the alcohol but then I only have that occasionally anyway.


The change in diet has changed everything. I’m a completely different shape (no spare tyre), full of energy and have been told that as I approach 50 this is the best I have ever looked!! it’s also given me the courage to look at a few other areas of my life that needed changing.


So for any ladies who’re wondering what they’ve embarked on, please pass on from me that this can and will change your life if you want it to. Listen to the guys, do what they tell you, eat the wonderful food and carry on with the way of life when you go home and believe me the sky’s the limit.


Mags Olmand, Weight Lost: 5 lbs