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Trimmer You is Multi Award Winning Residential Boot Camp operating in UK and Spain

A Luxury Award Winning Boot Camp

I went to Trimmer You Boot Camp not really fully aware of what I was letting myself in for.


I knew I wanted to lose the weight that I had gained . A combination of just letting go bit by bit, the drip effect, too much of this too much of that , another glass of wine , you know how it goes, ..and I also wanted to regain the fitness level I once had . That feeling of being glad to be alive in the morning, almost jumping out of bed with a vital enthusiasm.


That exhilaration had evaporated from my life without me really realising it. I was tired, stressed and just generally fed up. I wanted to feel good again. I wanted to smile again in the mornings, and continue smiling throughout the day.


So….I looked at health farms (been there done it, regained the weight), spas ( done that), Thai spas (yep), yoga retreats (a bit ) …etc etc until I saw something I had never considered before…a “military” run Boot Camp.


I had had an ex forces trainer years before when I had a foray into boxing training, and found him the most sympathetic and helpful of all the people I had ever sought to keep me on the straight & narrow in terms of my health and fitness.


So I looked at all the various options of boot camps available and opted for Trimmer You.


I can say hand on heart it was without doubt the hardest week of my life physically , but the most rewarding week I have probably ever experienced.


I had no idea I could actually train that hard, that regularly, run at 6 am, play games, run up hills, rock climb, abseil, body pump, circuit train, power walk, rounders, football and boxing.


Laughing at myself, laughing with my companions, applauding our successes, empathising with our failures just feeling alive and eager and keen and smiling again. All in the most glorious surroundings of the Brecon Beacons, bursting with wildflowers, bluebell woods, rolling hills, kestrels, eagles, ……….


The instructors are exemplary. Staff Wheeler and Staff Lord, respectful, friendly, twinkly and always egging you on for that extra bit you have in reserve without ever making you feel anything but thrilled about all you have achieved however small, and dealing on an hourly basis with any emotional outburst that may erupt as a result of such a different regime. They are bliss.


The food is without doubt succulent; we all asked for the recipes … I can not praise our chef Frances enough … and she told me she had worked at another boot camp where they were given a quarter of the portions we were fed …you need the amount we were given in order to do justice to the exercises. No one felt hungry ever in fact we were going to bed feeling completely satisfied, no moaning about hunger pangs ever from anyone.


vSo…One week later I lost 5 Lbs, and 5 inches (2 from my waist ! ) and feel I have refound my urge for a fitter me. Some of the girls lost as much as 10 Lbs and 10 inches and were romping around the lounge full of glee.


So I can say with utter conviction that I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel good to be alive again.


Life is hard, economically, psychologically, physically, but if you want a bit of a kick to restart your love of life …and its only once! I would definitely do this.


Give yourself a week of Trimmer You, because your worth it!

Frances Barber, Weight Lost: 5 lbs