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Trimmer You is Multi Award Winning Residential Boot Camp operating in UK and Spain

A Luxury Award Winning Boot Camp


Trimmer You Boot camp isn’t just about the exercise, we also want you to eat well and to learn about nutrition so that you can take some knowledge home with you and make the relevant changes to support you after leaving boot camp.

The Menu

The boot camp menu has been designed to maximise weight loss as well as boosting energy levels via blood sugar balance and ensuring adequate protein for the level of activity.

There are no processed foods and all white, sugary and refined foods are cut out. You’ll also find that the menu is wheat and dairy free to provide a detox kick-start during the week. Many of us eat too much wheat and dairy with many of the processed and convenience foods that we eat regularly being high in these. Both wheat and dairy can be difficult to digest and can be irritating to the digestive system as well as promoting weight gain and lethargy.

A Sample Trimmer You Menu…

  • Breakfast
    Banana Porridge with roasted hazelnuts and honey 
  • Lunch
    Bang bang chicken or cauliflower on carrot and mango slaw.
  • Dinner
    Mezze, falfafel spinach and feta filo pastry, green olive tapenade, tomato salad with yoghurt and mint. 
  • Snacks
    Peanut butter cookie, chargrilled pineapple and chilli, guacamole on rice cakes, chicken skewers, humous etc.

You will have three meals and two snacks each day to ensure that your blood sugar does not drop low between meals. This means higher energy levels and mental alertness, as well as encouraging a feeling of fullness. Regular eating also speeds metabolism, therefore encouraging fat burning instead of fat storage. The evening snack is small and designed to keep blood sugar balanced through the night, promoting better sleep and relaxation.

Each meal contains protein as this further encourages blood sugar balance by causing carbohydrate to be burned more slowly. Adequate protein is also needed for muscle growth and repair. Protein will be found in meat and fish dishes but also in the vegetarian meals and snacks in the form of beans, lentils, tofu, chickpeas, eggs, nuts, seeds and quinoa.

Carbohydrate mostly comes in the form of low glycemic fruits and vegetables as well as some from the beans and pulses. There is a limited amount of starchy carbohydrate from grains such as brown basmati rice as when initially trying to lose weight and balance blood sugar, sticking to a small amount is beneficial.

Each day will also contain fruits and vegetables to provide the antioxidants necessary for repair and to combat the free radicals produced by exercise. These also contain essential vitamins and minerals needed to convert carbohydrate into energy, as well as other essential functions.

There are also some natural laxative foods throughout the menu to encourage regular bowel movements and sooth the digestive system – these include pineapple, flaxseed, almonds, avocado and oats.

Specific Dietary Needs

If you have specific dietary needs please let us know before you attend as all requests can be catered for if we know in advance. There is a vegetarian menu already available, but we also cater for vegans and religious diets as well as food allergies.

The Nutrition Sessions

Having a healthy diet is always important and while the week at boot camp is a good kick-start, we want you to continue with a healthy diet when you get home. It’s essential to get all the right nutrients to continue your fitness plan as well as to combat the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Our trainers will take you through the basics of a good diet. They will cover how to eat for maximum energy, blood sugar balance, the importance of protein and why we need to be eating certain fats as well as giving practical advice on quick meals, easy snacks and time saving. The best foods to buy for office lunches if you haven’t had time to pack your own, hotel eating and eating out will also be covered.

The impact of daily stress on our body and how we can eat to combat this is discussed. We find that most of our clients have stressful jobs as well as hectic family lives and are generally on the go for most of the day, so this information is invaluable. The sessions always include question and answer time to ensure that all of your most important questions will be answered.