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Trimmer You is Multi Award Winning Residential Boot Camp operating in UK and Spain

A Luxury Award Winning Boot Camp


All Trimmer You weight loss and fitness camps are female only. We know that everyone has different motives for visiting Trimmer You and that everyone works at their own unique pace so when you join us, you will be able to work to your own ability level and our instructors will be there to encourage you and motivate you throughout the week.

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We find that having an all female boot camp provides the best support network for women who are looking to shed post baby weight, get in shape for an upcoming wedding, tone up for a beach holiday, get back into action with a new fitness plan or even for those who regularly exercise and they want to push and improve their current fitness levels. On any of our Female, Bikini, Bridal 3, 5 or 7 day courses we can guarantee you will come away with great weight loss results, great friends and a great experience.

Am I suitable For Trimmer You Boot Camp?

At Trimmer You we get a lot of ladies who doubt whether they are suitable or able to complete a female boot camp for various reasons. Some ladies who have not exercised may doubt they will be able to keep up or last the duration, some ladies may have had an old injury that they are worried about or some ladies who exercise daily may think they will not get pushed enough but in truth, everyone who is able bodied are suitable for any of our boot camps. The beauty of our courses are that they are designed so every individual can exercise and push their self to there own ability and our military instructors will be there to support you, encourage you and motivate you during your stay so that at the end of your stay you have the desired results that you signed up for.

We also have different nutrition plans available to support those who want to exercise for weight loss or for those who just want to improve their fitness levels and tone up. Please see our nutrition page


What Did Attendee Have To Say About Trimmer You?

Rachel visited Trimmer You in an order to shape up and make some changes to her lifestyle. Here’s what she had to say:

“In an attempt to lose weight and improve my fitness, I booked a place at Trimmer You fitness boot camp a few months prior to going. I used the booking itself to motivate me toward my goal as I knew that the thought of getting there and being the weight I was would be torture. At first it was difficult but in a weird, enjoyable way where pushing yourself to your limits becomes extremely satisfying. I had lots of support from the other girls and the trainers were amazing. They were able to drive me to do my best without pushing me so hard that I wanted to just give up”.

“It was an inspiring week. I thought that it would be just physically draining, but the biggest test was the mental one: knowing that when you finish one exercise session there will be another straight after. The greatest accomplishment? Just knowing that I had pushed through the pain threshold and kept going. I was the biggest girl at my camp but I managed to lose 17 pounds. The results were was fantastic but the most valuable thing I took away from the week was the realisation that I could complete such a challenge. Now when I think I’m too tired to go the gym or go for a walk, I say to myself ‘ You did it at boot camp, so you can do it now’ and that positive attitude is the thing that has ultimately made the difference to how I look and feel”.

The Trimmer You week long fitness and weight loss camps are held at our luxury 5 star accommodation located in rural Wales close to the Welsh/England border which is easy accessible from all over the UK. Please note that if you would like to share a room but you have no one to travel with, we will endeavour to pair you up with someone of suitable background. Check our calendar for dates or contact us now for further information.

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