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The Two Most Common Get-Fit Mistakes (and How Boot Camps can Help)

residential boot camp, boot camp, trimmer you, Getting fit is no easy task, and neither is it a simple one. There are lots of pitfalls and mistakes that you could run into, and some of these may hamper your efforts a lot more than you realise. A residential weight loss boot camp can help you overcome many of these mistakes and carry out an effective and well-crafted fitness strategy. Two of the most common mistakes include:

Stopping Early

We all know that losing weight and improving overall fitness requires hard work and dedication, but sometimes finding that dedication is not as easy as we might wish it could be. How many times have you caught yourself thinking “it won’t matter if I only do 30 reps instead of 50” or “I can’t be bothered to jog the full distance I planned so I think I will cut it short?” This is perfectly fine in some circumstances, such as if an injury is giving you problems or you realise you have bitten off more than you can chew with a new regime, but it is definitely not something to do regularly. It’s a bad habit, and it is also a habit that is much easier to get into than good habits, so your efforts to get fit can seriously suffer as a result. At a boot camp, you will be encouraged to carry out full, complete, and effective workouts while also staying within your own abilities and healthy limits to get the maximum benefits for your overall health and fitness.

Going it Alone

Going completely solo for your fitness and weight loss efforts is a mistake on two levels, and once again this is linked to finding your motivation. Firstly, doing this kind of thing alone is a lot less fun than doing it with others, and if things are less fun that means we are less motivated to do them. Secondly, it means you are only accountable to yourself. Nobody but you will know if you skip your workout unless you have a workout buddy. You are much more likely to decide you aren’t bothered about the exercises you intended to do alone at home today than decide you will be absent from your class. Working alongside at least one other person, whether a trainer or simply a friend who is also working on their fitness, gives you extra accountability and encourages you not to let that person or yourself down. A boot camp is a great way to lose weight or generally work on your fitness alongside both professional trainers and fellow fitness-improvers who have goals similar to your own. This is a great way to make getting fit more enjoyable, to give yourself added encouragement and motivation, and ultimately to improve your results.

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