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Trimmer You is Multi Award Winning Residential Boot Camp operating in UK and Spain

A Luxury Award Winning Boot Camp

There are now many different types of boot camp for dieters springing up – both in the UK and in destinations like Spain, which can make the whole experience seem more like a holiday from which you will return refreshed, re-energised, trimmer – and toned as well as tanned.

Many people who are overweight find that they actually lose weight on holiday – perhaps because they take more exercise like walking, dancing, swimming or golf; or because higher temperatures abroad or the change in lifestyle and food causes a break in the cycle of their eating habits developed at home.

Most people also want to diet if they are looking forward to a special occasion, such as marriage or a family wedding – or simply going on the holiday of a lifetime.

The media is full of stories abut celebrity diets before big award ceremonies – but even if you are not leading a celebrity lifestyle in front of cameras, maintaining a weight and body shape you are happy with can be an enormous boost to confidence, and there is undoubtedly a weight loss boot camp to suit your needs.

Some of the most popular diet boot camps are:

  • Bridal boot camps
  • Bikini boot camps
  • Corporate boot camps
  • Females only boot camps.

Given that boot camps for dieters originated from military training, approaching your boot camp course with the right attitude – the aim to try your hardest and take part in the activities to the best of your ability – can bring the best results.

Diet Boot camps in the UK cost from around £550 for five days of training and you will get the best value for your money by taking part fully.

Remember that your instructors will be ex-military trainers and will know just how far they can push you – which is most likely a lot further than you think you are capable of!

One of the patterns which can set in if you are a yo-yo dieter or a binge eater is a feeling that you are unable to break the cycle you find yourself in with relation to food and your eating habits.

Another mindset which can take hold is the feeling that perhaps it is not worth getting fitter and slimmer – we are not all Hollywood stars, but we all deserve to be the best we can be, and that means being as slim, healthy and fit as we are able to be.

The boost to the brain from increased blood flow from exercise – and exercise in itself – can also lift depression and negativity. When people exercise endorphins are released in the brain – and that gives athletes the familiar “high” they feel when they exercise. Serotonin levels in the brain will also increase – serotonin is known as the “happiness chemical” and is responsible for that giddy high you feel when you fall in love or when you feel pleasure when you eat or enjoy yourself socially or with your family and friends.

Unfortunately serotonin is also released when we feel pleasure at eating our favourite food – and this why it can be easy to get hooked on chocolate, biscuits, crisps and other treats which pile on the pounds. However, the quick boost we feel from munching on a bar of chocolate is only a temporary high, and blood sugar levels will drop suddenly once the high has worn off. The resultant guilt and physical symptoms of falling blood sugar levels can leave us feeling fat and unhappy again – and the cycle is repeated with another nibble at a chocolate bar or a packet of biscuits. When people joke they are addicted to chocolate – they really are!

When you are looking for a diet boot camp it is important to choose one which can treat you and your eating lifestyle holistically – and will also give good results which will encourage you to stick to the regimes you will be taught.

This does not necessarily mean that you will have to spend the rest of life running round the block with a rucksack of bricks tied to your back – but getting to recognise how exercise and healthy eating makes you feel in comparison with your old patterns of diet and inactivity can help you make a change.

Some of the things to look for when choosing a diet boot camp include:

  • Weight loss achievement – expect to lose around 5% of your body fat and up to 8-12lbs during a 7-day weight loss diet boot camp, so look for boot camps which aim to achieve this for you.
  • Military trainers – ex-military personnel have a thorough grounding in testing the human body to its limits and when to stop. Personal trainers may not have the same expertise, as their skills may have been learned in the gym rather than the great outdoors.
  • Personal reviews – check out a diet boot camp’s credentials and any industry awards they have won, as this can mean avoiding boot camps which are not properly organised or have experienced or military trained instructors.
  • Health and exercise information – your boot camp should instruct you about diet and healthy eating and explain how exercise can help you, as well as offering routines you can carry on with at home after the week has ended.

If you want to combine a diet boot camp with a holiday, look for boot camps in locations like Spain or other holiday destinations, as this can make exercise in the great outdoors even more enjoyable and spur you on to great weight loss achievements.

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